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Dairy Development Project

Geographical Coverage: Toba Tek Singh Programme Duration: September 2021- April 2023 Introduction/ Background of Programme:     FDO is helping vulnerable households' (preferring female-headed HHs) sustainable livelihood through dairy development in the target district Toba Tek Singh with strong coordination of the livestock department. n this project with the technical support of the Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF) and financial support of Engro Foundation we want to improve the resilience of 3000 plus households towards the quality of life.   Key Highlights of the Projects are:   

  • Around 3000 (1456 Males, 1544 Females) farmers including 26 PWD are trained on different modules of livestock management which include “Improved Animal Husbandry Practices”, “Improved Nutrition for Milking Animals”, and “Improved Fodder Production and Preservation Practices”.
  • 85 females are provided with pregnant cows (Frisian) and trained on contemporary concepts of livestock management to build up their sustainable livelihood. 
  • 20 vulnerable are supported to start their own ventures by providing them training on enterprise development. 
  • 46 Males are trained as Livestock Extension Workers by the University of Veterinary and Animal Science (UVAS) and provided with tool kits to start their own ventures in the target district and have the plan to train 31 more females in the subject area