Improving National Capacity to respond COVID-19 Pandemic in Pakistan (CAP-COVID)

CAP COVID -19 is an ECHO (European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations) the funded project which aims “Improving National Capacity to COVID Pandemic in Pakistan” through integrated, cohesive, improved, and community-based approach. The action will help the Govt. of Pakistan effort to curtain the further spread of disease i.e. Covid Pandemic. The total duration of the project is 12 Months (November-2020 to Oct-2021).  This response is designed to increase the sustainability and impact of the government’s COVID-19 response plan, addressing the needs of health facilities and communities through an integrated approach that incorporates interventions in health and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). FDO (Farmers Development Organization) is implementing the project in Punjab’s two (2) districts Multan and Rajanpur as an implementing partner of WHH (Welthungerhilfe-INGO). The GOP has developed a National Plan of Action to fight against COVID-19, which will serve as a foundation document for ensuring that all guiding principles for outbreak preparedness, containment, and mitigation are followed. This action’s response strategy will aim to complement and contribute to the government’s COVID-19 response across the country. This action will also contribute to government response activities through; Main Activities:

  • (RCCE) Risk Communication and Community Engagement - mass awareness campaign through billboards, FM radio airing, dissemination of IEC material, etc.
  • Capacity Building Training over “Basics of COVID-19”, “Home-based care & Risk Communication”, “Remote Psychological First aid” of the front line and Multidisciplinary responders.
  • Provision of PPEs to Target Hospitals, Isolation & Quarantine Centers with Disinfectants materials & Equipment.
  • Provision of Medical & Non-Medical Equipment’s, NFIs furniture needs of a target Hospitals.
  • Provision of Lab / Diagnostic Equipment’s. to target Hospitals.
  • Rehabilitation of inclusive toilets and new ones. Total = 122
  • Installation of Paddle Operated Hand Washing Stations (POHWSs -total 78) at target locations i.e. Public places, Hospitals, Govt. Offices with Public Gatherings with WASH NFIs. ( non-Food Items – soaps etc.) . The proposed action will echo and compliment the Pakistan Preparedness and Response Plan for COVID-19.
  • Online Remote Psychological support to COVID patients and other stakeholders under trauma situations. Helpline 24/7 ( 1166 , for Urdu- 0333.0878551, 0333.0878553, 0333.0878560. for Punjabi- 0333.0878551, 0333.0878557, 03330878560 and for Balochi, Sindhi and Pashto as well)
  • Support the District Government through shelters, furniture, and other NFIs for COVID patients.