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Access To Justice

Introduction/ Background: The Access to Justice is a three-year initiative, implemented by Farmers Development organization in partnership with The Asia Foundation Pakistan, Pakistan Institute of Labor, Education and Research (PILER), Insaf Network Pakistan (INP) and Rozan. The goal of the project to improve access to justice and human rights through the provision of efficient, cost effective legal assistance and protection for vulnerable populations. The project has been designed to target 13 districts, across all four provinces, where significant rights violations against women and minorities have been reported. FDO is implementing the Project in District Multan which represents urban, rural, and ethnically and religiously diverse populations. Objectives:

  • To develop and implement a multi-pronged public awareness campaign that increases citizens’ knowledge of the laws, which protect their fundamental freedoms;
  • To strengthen the capacity of existing legal aid centers that provide legal services to those whose rights have been violated; and
  • To advocate for protection measures and free and fair trial in cases pertaining to religious freedoms.
Target Area: In District Multan three towns, subdivisions & their union counsels are included in the targeted area following towns
  • Sher Shah Town
  • Moosa Pak Town
  • Bosan Town
Key INterventions/ Achievements:
  • Establishment a 24/7 Toll-free Helpline
  • 50 Program Introduction/ Awareness Sessions among community
  • Provide Legal Assistance and victim support to 40 vulnerable community members Provision of counseling to 80 clients in district Multan
  • 85 Case Referred to other organization and institution through Referral Mechanism Participation in networking meetings with all stakeholders