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Building Disaster Resilience Program Phase II

Introduction/Background: Disaster and emergency response is the area where FDO has specialized in last few years while it prepares communities to mitigate the risks of disasters, it focuses on responding to emergencies and early recovery. FDO is implementing Building Disaster Resilience in Pakistan a project of 4 year (May2017- Sep 2020) funded by the DFID/ Concern World Wide/ Welthungerhilfe (WHH) (CAWI Consortium). 1st phase was pilot phase which was implemented in 4 UCs of Tehsil Kot Addu District Muzafargarh and after successful completion Phase II is implementing in Tehsil Jatoi.  Objectives:

  • Target communities have effective disaster risk management structures in place to take up and advocate resilience-building measures;
  • Target communities and households are prepared to (a) cope with climate-related natural disasters and (b) adopt risk reduction measures, and
  • Target communities & households are introduced to sustainable livelihoods and environmental management practices for resilience building.
Target Area:
District Muzaffargarh tehsil Jatoi
Key Interventions/Achievements:
  • Formation of CBDRM Structures (40 VDMCs and 4 UCDMCs)
  • Capacity Building of 1041 Members of Community structures & Govt. officials including school Teachers (UCDMCs/VDMCs/Govt. officials, Community Gate Keepers) on resilience building
  • School Based Hygiene promotion through formation of 20 Hygiene clubs in schools 
  • Provision of Emergency Response toolkits to 4 UCDMCs of Tehsil Jatoi
  • Hygiene promotion of at village and UC level through 164 awareness sessions ,12 street theaters  and 72 triggering exercise
  • Construction of 26 Model Household Shelters & 12 Community-based Hand Pumps
  • The pavement of brick lining on 18000 ft evacuation route in two union councils of Tehsil Jatoi
  • Capacity building of 200 farmers including females on Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) and Conservation Agriculture (CA) Based Technologies and Practices through 41 sessions
  • Provision of vegetable seeds and toolkits to 853 females to improve household nutrition by home-based kitchen gardening
  • Provision of Seed and Fertilizers to 57 farmers for community-based quality seed production, multiplication with seed storage facilities
  • Provision of vegetable seeds, fertilizers & toolkits to 38 farmers to promote high-value crops
  • Established 4 community-based nurseries for quality seedling & plants production
  • Provision of vocational skills training to 282 male and female youth of Tehsil Jatoi
  • Strengthen the capacity of the 275 small to medium entrepreneurs to enhance access to the market and MFIs