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Promoting the Handicrafts of Southern Punjab through Women Social Enterprises

Introduction/ Background: The proposed project aims to establish three small scale social enterprises, managed by the artisan community’s common interest groups in Tehsil & District Multan. Establishing these enterprises would enable 125 women & 15 men artisans belonging to Union Council Binda Sandeela to practice their indigenous embroidery & art work and earn a decent income by practicing the following 05 trades; Advance Level Hand Embroidery, Advance Training on Cuts & Stitching, Drafting & Tracing - Pattern Making, Screen / Block Printing – Ajrak Making, and Adda Work. Objectives:  The objectives of the proposed project are as under:   FDO aims to empower the vulnerable communities in UC Binda Sandeela, Tehsil & District Multan through:

  • Organizing communities into 05 Common Interest Groups (CIG’s)
  • Training 125 women & 15 men in advanced level marketable vocational trades
  • Establishing 03 Small Scale Enterprises and developing their linkages for sales/ marketing. 
Target Area: Union Council Binda Sandila, Multan. Key Interventions/ Achievements:
  • 90 female trained in advance Level Hand Embroidery
  • 10 participants (5 F+ 5M) trained in drafting and Tracing - Pattern Making
  • 10 participants (5 F+ 5M) trained in advance Training on Cuts & Stitching
  • 20 females trained in advance Adda work