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LEED Project


  • To develop the capacity, opportunities, assets and productivity of community members to reduce their vulnerability to shocks.
  • To strengthen and ensure the  sustainability  of the business operations of targeted communities
Target Area: In district Multan and Union Councils, Binda Sandila, Punj Koha, Durana Langana, Lutaf Abad and Nawab Pur.  
    Major Activities:
  • Area Identification
  • Identification of CRPs
  • Establishing the NyKs, Production Centers, Loan Centers, Youth Centers and CIGs
  • Poverty Score Card Survey
  • Wealth Ranking of Ultra/Vulnerable Poor HHs
  • Filling the Livelihood Investment Plans
  • Organizing the Need Based Training
  • Transfer of Productive assets in collective business
  • Organizing the District Level Mela of LSOs.
  • Organizing the District level Networking Workshop for Project beneficiaries.
  • Exposure Visit of Project Beneficiaries