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Voices of Minorities in Motherland

Background:   Religious minorities are marginalized and underprivileged within the country. Property rights and Land rights are the two prime concerns of the minorities which perceives as impetus for the intolerance and impatience towards the minorities groups. In this regard Farmers Development Organization(FDO) aimed to develop interfaith harmony between Muslims & Minorities by investigating and advocating for the actual concerns over the present status of minorities housing and agriculture land rights that leads to conflicts and at times horrible incidence of violence.  Target Area:    In 5 Districts 

  •  Multan
  •  Khanewal
  •  Muzafargarh
  •  Lodhran
  •  Bhawalpur      
  Target Population:
  •  Exploited, Minority, Communities from their land & Property rights.  
Major Activities: 
  • Baseline Research 
  • Minorities group Formation
  •  District and Provincial forums
  •  Advocacy & Lobbing Training
  • Research Report Publishing Advocacy Meetings and Conference