Institutional Development

Background: Farmers Development Organization is working in southern Punjab since its establishment in 1996 and is providing sensitization to rural communities about their personal, social, political and economic rights benefiting hundreds of peasants, women and general communities. The organization has a history of designing its projects subsequent to conducting Assessments of the problems of people. FDO is promoting communal harmony among different segments of society. Social Mobilization project in Collaboration with PPAF is working in 06 Union Councils of Bosan Town:   Target Area:

  • Buch Khusroabad (60)
  • Punj Koha (62)
  • Durana Langana (56)
  • Binda Sandila (59)
  • Lutfabad (61)
  • Saleh Mahay (63)
  • Major Activities:
    • Identification and Development of Community Resource Persons (CRP)
    • Trainings on
    • Community Facilitators
    • CBDRM
    • Financial Literacy
    • Gender Mainstreaming
    • Environment Social Management (ESM)
    Institutional Capacity Building
    • Millennium Development Goals Framework
    • Rural Connectivity and Current Best Practices
    • Open Defecation Free Villages
    • Strategic Planning Exercise at LSO Level
    • Youth Centers ( Vertical and horizontal growth)
    • Values, Governance and Management
    • Refresher training on PSC and its Management
    • Development of System and Procedures
    • Development of Proposals
    Show and Tell ( For productive linkages) Peace, Pluralism and inter Provincial Harmony
    • Peace, Pluralism and Provincial Harmony
    • Inter Provincial Exposures for Harmony and peace
    • Sports ( District Level tournaments)
    • Community theater on life cycle/social issues ( Joyful learning)
    Networking/ Platforms
    • CRPs and other Community based institutional Networks/platform
    • Advocacy:
    • Campaigns/Awareness (dengue, polio, vaccination, immunization, children enrollment and WASH)
    • State citizen Relationship
    • Staff Training:
    • Peace, Pluralism and inter Provincial Harmony
    • Knowledge management, publication and Data Consolidation
    • Community re-engagement through CRPs/POs
    • Co meetings to ensure regularity of meetings savings and record etc
    • Elections in VOs and LSOs to strengthen governance
    • Reviews/modifications/development of VDP and UCDPs through process
    • Publications and IEC material
    • Video Documentary
    • Directories ( CRPs and Community Institutions)
    • Sign Boards ( to ensure visibility)
    • Case studies Books ( Best Practices)
    • Information, Education and Communications (IEC) material
    • Kit for key messages