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Aman Academy

Project Objectives:

  • To engage and capacitate youth through Peace Academies.
  • To capacitate the youth from targeted area to promote peace and tolerance in their communities
  • To give youth an alternative to joining violent extremist groups by providing them healthy activities
  • Target Area: 
Project activities are implementing in 4 districts.
  •  Multan
  •  Muzafargarh
  •  Lodhran 
  •  Bahawalpur .
   Major Activities: 
  • Selection of Schools (Private) as per set criteria and MOU will be signed
  •  Project Orientation meeting with selected school Management
  •  Establishment of Peace Academy (Aman Academies) 
  •  3 Days Training of trainers & manual development 
  •  Identification & Registration of 400 Peacemaker (120 Illiterate +280 Literate) 
  •  Procurement of Assets for Peace Academy
  •  Peace Course (Aman Course) session for registered Peacemaker 
  •  Developing Action Plan of Peacemakers and registration of Peacemakers 10 each 
  •  District Peacemaker Forum at School Level